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Sportsmatch 1 Piece 30mm Dovetail High DAMPA Mount (sold by private seller fulfilled by D&L)

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Used condition shows some wear.

Sportsmatch 1 Piece 30mm Dovetail High DAMPA Mount. Sportsmatch UK was established some 30 years ago and has grown to be a world leader in the manufacture of telescopic sight mounts for all types of sporting and target rifles.

Sportsmatch mounts feature a reversible clamp that fits all dovetails from 9.5-11.5mm. Sportsmatch offers a rock solid dependable scope mounting solution for virtually all combinations. If you want a high quality scope mount at a reasonable price that is rock solid and dependable ask your dealer for a Sportsmatch.


  • Rubber brushes prevent scope damage
  • Recoil not transmitted the scope
  • Double screws
  • Scope lens up to 50mm
  • Tough & Dependable
  • Retractable Recoil Pin
  • 30mm Scope Tube
  • Reversible dovetail clamp: 9.5 -11.5mm Rail
  • Sportsmatch DM70
  • Mount width: 110mm
  • Height (rail-scope): 23mm
  • Weight: 166g
  • Made in the UK