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Anschutz Dolla Mark 2 ll (sold by private seller fulfilled by D&L)

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Very good condition. 

Mid 40's 

Interesting piece of history! its a pop out pistol made by Anschutz. However, this is a rarity in that its got the "LOC" insignia instead of the "LGA" which was their typical marker. Its also stamped "made in Japan" on the butt of the wood grip. These pistols are thought to have been made in Germany by Anschutz dating to the early 1940's. With the fallout of WW2 sanctions and tariffs and trade restrictions in place against anything German, the Anschutz company had to come up with alternate solutions in order to try to get around the restrictions. They removed the JGA marker, replacing with the LOC, and did not put anything on the pistols to give away that they were made in Germany. Going as far as to stamp it with "made in Japan" The standard JGS versions are uncommon, this variant is rare. All parts, internals, grips, ect... are exactly the same as their Anschutz branded pistols and are interchangeable.