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Caldwell® Ballistic Precision Chronograph (sold by private seller fulfilled by D&L)

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• Calibrated for even greater accuracy
• Captures velocity measurements within +/-0.25%
• Simple-operation LED screen displays velocity
• Audio jack cable and app deliver more to your iPhone, iPad or Android device

The Ballistic Precision Chronograph from Caldwell® is calibrated for even greater accuracy. It captures velocity measurements within +/-0.25% by using a high-speed processor and a circuit with an advanced data interface. Although technologically advanced, this chronograph is simple to use. Simple-operation LED screen displays velocity in feet-per-second or meters-per-second readings. It can also deliver this data to your iPhone®, iPad® or Android device through the use of the included 15-ft. audio jack cable and an available free app that exports via SMS or email. This handy app adds to your experience by automatically calculating average velocity, standard deviation and the minimum, maximum and velocity spread of each shot string. Includes extra-wide sun screens and a convenient carry bag.