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Kleen-Bore All Gun Universal Cleaning Kit with Patented Roll-Up Pouch (sold by private seller fulfilled by D&L)

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This self-contained kit unrolls to display a well organized assortment of cleaning tools and accessories. The soft closure flap makes an excellent gun mat to protect valuable firearms during cleaning. Contents: 22, 30, 45 and 12 gauge phosphor bronze brushes, 12 gauge cotton bore mop, universal 4 piece steel cleaning rod, muzzle guard, handgun/rifle adapter, patch holder, shotgun accessory adapter, patch holder, #1 and #3 screwdrivers, Formula 3 gun conditioner, assorted cotton patches, double-ended nylon bristle utility brush and a silicone gun cloth.

Technical Information


  • Vinyl storage roll
  • Brass sectioned cleaning rod, 5/16" diameter
  • Handgun and rifle accessory adapter and patch holder
  • Shotgun accessory adapter and patch holder
  • Silicone-treated cloth
  • Three sets of brushes and mops, one set each in 38 caliber, 45 caliber and 12 guage
  • Utility brush
  • Cotton cloth
  • Cloth treated with lead remover
  • Cleaning patches