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MK 300 – FT .177 800fps (sold by private seller fulfilled by D&L)

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Used but "as new" condition. 

The MK 300 FT is a new single-shot PCP rifle designed for exercising shooting habits, for training and for target shooting. Its parameters correspond to the requirements of the discipline: PCP rifle - FT, HFT. It is characterized by the use of a heavy sports barrel with a new 12 D profile bore with a significantly better internal and external surface quality and a conical geometry of the bore that balances the bullet wear. Naturally, there is a muzzle choke, which significantly increases the accuracy and durability of the barrel. The weapon is further characterized by a new concept and construction of individual mechanical knots, taking into account the high utility features and the specific requirements of sports shooting. Furthermore, the weapon is characterized by high level of shooting, an extremely fast action of the mechanism and high stability due to the optimal adjustment of the center of gravity of the weapon, trigger mechanism and characteristics of the pressure regulator. The variability and the number of adjustable elements allow individual customization of the weapon and its versatile use. Adjustable are also other controls, an adjustable shutter at three levels, trigger pull characteristics, trigger drop, additional trimming device, muzzle velocity and adjusting the cheekpiece and the buttplate of the stock. The pressure in the clip with its maximum value of 300 bars ensures a high number of shots (according to V0 up to 550). Working pressure in the system is controlled by a newly designed precision regulator, working with special characteristics without mechanical shocks and with extreme precision dosing. This setting ensures muzzle velocity consistency at a 1,5m/s tolerance over the entire supply pressure range and allows accurate target shooting up to 100m. The minimum effort, together with the stable gun hold, designed according to the latest ergonomic knowledge and experience, creates the conditions for its comfortable operation. The MK 300 FT will help you achieve the highest performance with its extraordinary features. All these features make this weapon financially affordable product of superior quality with high utility value. The TAU and MK series are well-known all over the world for their friendly behavior and high ability to compensate shooter mistakes.

  • Energy source: air container 225ml + manometer, max 30Mpa
  • Number of shots per one charge: max 550
  • Caliber: 4,5mm (.177) or 5,5mm (.22) for an extra charge
  • Muzzle velocity (V0): optimal 242m/s, adjustable
  • Dispersion - Ø of circumscribed circle 5 shoots/10m: Ø 5,5mm (5x diabolo Final Match TAU BRNO CZ)
  • Stock: with adjustable cheekpiece (3 levels) and buttplate (4 levels), rib sling,
  • Material of the stock: lamino CWP Finland, beech
  • Sights: optic-riflescope